Installing Siebel Tools and Client on 64 Bit Machines – Windows 7 

You need to keep following things in mind in order to successfully install Siebel Tools and Developer Client on a 64 Bit Windows 7 Machine.

  1.  Download the 64 Bit Jar Files: There are two types of downloads available on Oracle eDelivery site. Make sure to download the 64 bit version.
  2. Download correct zip files: Make sure that you download zip files containing SBA_$Version_base* and SBA_$Version_enu files. For example for Siebel Tools tools you need to have minimum of following two JAR files.
    1. SBA_8.1.1.0_enu_Windows_Siebel_Tools.jar
    2. SBA_8.1.1.0_Base_Windows_Siebel_Tools.jar
  3. Download image creator: Don’t forget to download the image creator (snic.bat and related files)
  4. Copy image creator files in same folder as the Siebel jar files. This is the step that I took the longest to realize.
  5. Java Home: open command prompt and set the JAVA_HOME variable to point to JRE location
  6. Run snic.bat file.
  7. Make sure to run the installers (oui.exe) as Administrator.